Men are afraid that women will laugh at them … Women are afraid that men will kill them.”
- Margaret Atwood

CUCK (promo trailer)
a live documentary


In these ebullient times comes Cuck, a solo performance exploring anti-women’s movements and the backlash against feminism.

Six of the world’s biggest ‘pick-up artists’ — men who charge other men thousands of dollars to learn how to seduce women — are acted out live with subtle, yet important, moderations to their actual words, supported with a wall of projected media clips and interaction like ones they use in their bootcamps.

To round out this live documentary there’s suffragette Emily Davison’s martyrdom, Hillary’s unexpected fall, a personal confession of a near-suicide … and lots of octopuses.   

An intimate night of just you, the pickup artists, and me too.

[TRIGGER WARNING: Although in the context of appropriation and satire, there is extreme media and language content that could be triggers for some, including words and images of sexual violence, suicide, and misogyny.]

Ticket Link:
Friday, February 23rd
Saturday, February 24th
Triskelion Arts,
Elliman Studio Theater,
106 Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
$16 Advance / $20 Door (please write to me if money is an issue and we can discuss!)
Any profits will go to the WIN (Women In Need) organization