Performance, 25:10


(Filmed record of) A live auction where St. John sells off his family heirlooms to raise money for his sex life.


(Filmed record of) A 24 hour period where St. John is the highest bidder from PART I's slave.

$50 was raised from donations for the Partnership With Native Americans organization,

… so thanks to Jessica Kingdon, Tim Hawkins, Maddie Gressel, André Eamiello, KC Camacho, Tingerine Liu, Ryan Howe, Sunview Lunchnet, and all others who were there kicking ass.


This post-TG Saturday come get some real love, after being thoroughly bummed out and confused by your Trump-loving fam! St. John, Tim, and Jess (Sintimjess) are gonna have another dope show at The Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint, but this time we're stepping up the game -- no showing old work. Fuck that. For you to really heal you need the most piping-hot, oven-stinking, face-hugging ... NEW WORKS! This is work that hasn’t been seen by anyone else but the crews, and those people live in underground bunkers with their eyes and tongues gouged out! TIM - Gonna talk about making his feature doc on Chelsea Manning and show the trailer (no one's seen the trailer except the people who made it, and they've mysteriously ‘disappeared' — even Tim himself aint seen it!). JESS -- Gonna show her still-in-post doc about Chinese tourists taking over the tiny island of Palau (which is a follow up to her last doc about Chinese malls taking over the world, which won all awards and shit). ST. JOHN -- Gonna have (and film) a live auction of family heirlooms to raise money for his New York dating life (getting laid aint cheap, yo, so bring $$$). After the show we’ll go to a local bar and heal some more. Be there or be crazy! WHO: WHEN: Saturday 25th, 8pm-11pm WHERE: Sunview Luncheonette, 221 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint, BK 11222 WHAT (TO BRING): This aint a bar it's a DIY artspace and a BYO spot so we'll have booze and snacks for you, but definitely bring something to add to the pot! We will have a donation bucket for the booze we give, proceeds of which will go to the NARFA, The Native American Rights Fund. WHY: Because love, of course. No more trails of tears.